Andaman & Nicobar Minimum wages for Shops & Establishment effective from Date: 1st Jan, 2017

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Class of EmploymentDistrictBasic Per DayVDA Per DayTotal Per Day
Highly Skilled (Manager etc)Nicobar254.00141.00395.00
Skilled (Clerk etc)Nicobar224.00141.00365.00
Semi-skilled (Assistant etc)Nicobar204.00141.00345.00
Unskilled (peon etc)Nicobar186.00141.00327.00
Highly Skilled (Manager etc)South Andaman/ N&M Andaman236.00141.00377.00
Skilled (Clerk etc)South Andaman/ N&M Andaman209.00141.00350.00
Semi-skilled (Assistant etc)South Andaman/ N&M Andaman190.00141.00 331.00
Unskilled (peon etc)South Andaman/ N&M Andaman173.00141.00314.00